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i'm not seeing results


Have you ever found yourself feeling hopeless because what time you do spend on social isn't getting you engagement much less bringing in new business?

I don't have time


The real estate agent schedule struggle is real.  This isn't a 9-5, structured day job.  It's drop what ever you're doing and serve your client kind of demand. And marketing on social media can feel like a full time job.

i don't know what to post


Most real estate agents struggle with creating content.  Either they are posting only listings and closings, or they aren't posting at all because they just don't know how to write a caption.

Sold On Social Will Teach You Proven Strategies You Need To Know To
Establish Your Brand & Effectively Use Social Media In Your Real Estate Business.

Feeling overwhelmed with How To Stand Out and grow on social media?

knowing exactly what to post

confident, focused and posting with a purpose

creating content quickly and easily that brings you the clients you are looking for

to crushin' it doin this...

feeling like you are winging it

feeling like you are scatterbrained and unorganized

not having enough time to create valuable content that makes an impact

just imagine going from...

it's time for you to post less and sell more on social media

Look no further, my friend

sound like something you need? Then read on!

If each and every agent is only posting about listings and closings, then what is going to make any one of them stand apart from the rest?  How will a potential client know if they are hiring the perfect match for them?

You are not made for everyone and everyone is not made for you.  It's time you separated yourself from the rest.

i mean there are SO MANY real estate agents online

Not only are there so many real estate agents online, but there are a ton of home buyers and sellers looking for real estate agents online! Doing a quick search can bring up a ton of agents in their area, and also a ton of confusion.  

Why on earth are real estate agents not utilizing social media to grow their business?

i was just over here wondering...

Knowing what to write is half the battle.  Knowing how to structure a post is the other half.  When you know how to write, it's easier to write.

knowledge on how to write a caption

Nail down who you love to serve the most and establish yourself as the expert for that client and you'll love every single person you serve.

who you serve

Just posting a few hashtags on your posts isn't enough to get you discovered on Instagram. Together we will create a plan that helps others find you.


You've heard the term, work smarter not harder.  You will walk away with the tools you need to spend less time on creating and executing your content.

tools to save you time

We will break down the wall of boring content into categories that set you as the go-to agent while building a know, like and trust relationship.


I hate to break it to you, but the real estate agent industry is not oversaturated.  There is only one you walking around on this planet and everyone is waiting for you to show up.

what makes you unique

By the end of this program you will have:

There is so much you can do to market your brand and propel your business on social media that it can be overwhelming.  Sold on Social is here to not only teach you how to leverage Instagram to market your business.  Social on Social will also teach you how to simplify your content strategy and make your business true to who you really are. 

Are you ready to overcome the overwhelm of marketing your business online?

ready for a change?

Access to our private facebook group where you can connect with other real estate agents just like you and help each other succeed.

Live Q&A sessions weekly in our private FB Group to ensure you're taken care of all the way through the course.

Discounted rate for 1:1 coaching if you want to continue working with Kimberly as your business grows.

4 Modules that will build a solid personal brand foundation, teach you how to create valuable content, tools & strategies to help you save time, plus a review on the algorithm and insights to keep you growing online.

Worksheets and Resources

Actionable steps to set yourself apart in what feels like an over-saturated market.

An online course created Specifically for real estate agents to help them build a personal brand online that has Ideal clients landing in their dM's anxious to work with them.

Sold on Social


"Sold on Social has been a game changer for my business! This program gave me tangible strategies along with the ability to create unique content to connect with my audience on a deeper level. It helped me fine tune my brand and messaging. I love all the advice on how often to post, what to post, creating brand pillars. The Sold on Social course will forever be a part of my business plan”    

- Leah Herzwurm
Herzwurm Homes

"This program takes a holistic approach by diving deep into your personal goals/business to develop a marketing strategy that's packed with content ideas and tips for posting. It's so much more than just social media tips. It's an experience that you will learn from and feel inspired by that also comes with a solid plan you can use and put in action to show up consistently...and all of that IS BRANDING which generates customer loyalty and more sales! 

- Keeley Toro
Toro Real Estate Group

"Sold on Social's business model is so unique and needed. There is so much you can do to market your brand and propel your business on social media that it can be overwhelming. This program teaches you how to simplify and make your business true to who you really are! I love all the great online tools recommended to keep myself organized and to track my marketing efforts."

- Danielle Salm
Tampa Bay Dream Homes

When I take off my brand-building hat, you’ll find me cheering on my son at his baseball games, taking care of my body, mind, and soul; hanging out at the beach, or enjoying spending time friends. Most of all, I love inspiring others that they can do anything they set their minds too.

I’m passionate about guiding real estate agents to tap into all their full potential and grow their business by showing up just as they are and providing valuable content.

I truly believe no market is oversaturated because there is only one you walking around on this planet. Personally stepping outside my comfort zone and showing up as my true energetic, goofy self is what has grown my brand and my business. I’m all about helping agents build their own genuine personal brands through 1:1 coaching, which now I have turned into this online course, Sold on Social to help even more agents grow their business.

I'm Kimberly, Your Coach!

hey there

it's time for you to have a clear message so you can create valuable content quickly and easily.  it's time for you to feel focused and organized when it comes to marketing yourself on social media.  it's time for you to generate leads and grow your business seamlessly.

you are feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to post on social media.

you are tired of wasting time creating content that receives little to no engagement.

you are looking for a social media course that is designed for the marketing needs of a real estate agent. 

you are ready to simplify the process and feel inspired to grow online.

Want to know who it's for? Well let me tell ya...

module two

module one

module three

module four

+ How to set goals for completing this course and creating content.

+ Learn how to conduct market research to understand what your audience wants from you.

+ Optimizing your Instagram Bio to help users decide if they want to follow you

+ Review the importance of engaging on Instagram and creating a plan to get started without wasting time.

module one

Building Your Foundation

+ Create content categories to help you stay consistent and on point with your posts.

+ Learn the anatomy of an Instagram post and the different types of content you can create.

Creating Content

+ Construct your personal Brand Story.

+ Benefits of a Brand Story:
     + Identify your business to others
     + Set expectations
     + Show experiences
     + Share stories
     + Create relationships
     + Be unapologetically you

module two

+ Learn how to batch process your content to save you time.

+ How to repurpose your content the right way so you don't loose out on engagement across multiple platforms.

Working Smarter

+ Review different planning tools that will save you time and keep you organized.

module three

+ Review of analytics/insights that matter the most to help you keep creating content that your audience loves.

+ Develop a hashtag strategy that helps you get discovered on social media.

Learn and Grow

module four

Here's What You'll Learn

let's dive in!

- Shannon Cohan
Renovating investments

"I was overwhelmed with ideas without any focus and saw the whole idea of creating a social media following as a second job, that I wasn't excited to take on. I felt so overwhelmed.

But I knew I could generate leads via social and I wanted someone to help to create a brand I could market. That's when I found Kimberly.

If you are feeling overwhelmed like I was, take this course! It will help you identify your brand and find the people who are seeking you."

Sounds amazing, right?

standing out online amongst all the hundreds and thousands of other real estate agents online

having a strategy and plan that helps you engage more efficiently and get discovered online

knowing what content to create all while staying organized and saving time

Seriously, just imagine this...

In Module 3 it's all about working smarter than harder.  Your Batching and Repurposing Guide helps you plan out your content to save you time.  The Instagram Content Planner is a blank worksheet to use to plan out your content.  Vital for batch processing.

Batching/Repurposing guide & 
instagram content planner

In Module 2 we dive into content creation.  This guide breaks down the process and types of captions you can create.  It's the perfect guide to have by your side as you create content to keep you consistent and on point. 

captions guide

In Module 1 we dive into optimizing your Instagram bio and creating an engagement plan.  These guides dive even further and give you actionable steps to get started right away.

engagement guide & Instagram Bio Guide

Let's talk bonuses!

of course there's more

Hashtag STrategy

In Module 4 we review the importance of having a strong hashtag strategy. This guide literally gives you lists upon lists of real estate industry related hashtags to get you started.

you are not 'winging it' to create your content and are posting consistently.

the thought of marketing yourself on social media doesn't overwhelm or scare you.

you only spend a small fraction of your time creating content.

you are creating new relationships and gaining clients from social media.

Who's this program NOT for?

now just so we are clear...


Easy payment of


Heck yes! I'm in!

ready to make a move?

join the wait list and receive a discount code when registration opens!

Enrollment for Sold on Social is only open two times a year.

Can i sign up for sold on social anytime?

This course is perfect for agents of any experience level to simplify your content, become more organized to save time on marketing and work on building the relationships with others online that will help to continue you grow your business effortlessly. 

I'm an established real estate agent, what will I gain from this program?

Each module is contains a video that is 30 minutes or less.  Each module is accompanied by a worksheet and/or guide that can take anywhere between 15 -60 minutes to complete.  Just depends on how many interruptions you have while working. ;)

How much time does it take to complete each module?

Currently a payment plan is not available, however if you join the waitlist, you'll receive a discount on the course, plus get first dibs on a limited seated program.

is there a payment plan available?

YES!  This course is the perfect program to help you build a solid foundation right out of the gate.  Start building your personal brand with all the tools, experience and proven strategies without having to figure it out all on your own.

I'm a brand new real estate agent, is this right for me?

The course consists of 4 modules that are released weekly over 4 weeks.

how long is the course?

Have Questions? I've got answers.

is there any additional support during the course?

Yes!  Once you enroll in Sold on Social you will gain access to our private Facebook Group with other real estate agents just like you to offer support and bounce ideas off of.  There will also be a live Q&A session at the end of each week to go over each module.

Being a part of a content membership can definitely have it's benefits, such as pre-written captions, stock images and templates for social media.  Sold on Social is going to elevate the membership you have by adding your personal brand story. 
This is what going to separate you from every other member using the same service.  You'll also learn more about utilizing content more efficiently and effectively on Instagram to bring in new leads plus so much more.

I currently have a social media content membership that provides captions and images. How will sold on social benefit me?

"Since Utilizing Kimberly's Social Media Strategies Our Business Has Grown Exponentially. We Have Gained So Many Clients, Strictly Based On Our Social Media."

- Tina & Joey Romanik
The Romanik Group

Sold on Social takes a holistic approach to who you are, what you do, who you serve, why you do it and what makes you unique.  Combine that with tools and strategies to market yourself online and you'll stand out from every other real estate agent.

post less & sell More
on social media

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