5 Hashtag Tips You Need To Know For Your Next Post

Looking for tips for Instagram and wondering if using hashtags actually works?

Absolutely. In fact, using hashtags can expand your reach on Instagram by over 10%.

With the right strategy, hashtags are a powerful tool to help you reach the right audience. Instagrams goal is for you to connect with like-minded people and build relationships. Hashtags are one of many tools they provide you to exactly that.

What you may not know is if you don’t ‘follow the rules’, using hashtags can hinder your reach, or even have your account blocked.

Before we dive into the right way to use hashtags, know that today’s free download is a checklist of everything I’m about to share with you. No need to write down notes, just download the checklist to help you use hashtags in the most efficient way.

1. Research on Instagram

It is important to research hashtags instead of guessing what you should use. The best way to research hashtags is directly on Instagram in the explore (search) page.

Start typing in a general term for your industry and select the ‘tags’ tag. Select the hashtag to see if the content is being used by your ideal audience.

Another way to research hashtags is to check what tags your ideal audience, competitors, and industry leaders use are using that you already follow.

2. Use Hashtags Between 100k-500k

The majority of the hashtags you use should have between 100k-500k posts. Anything above that is extremely popular and you risk having your posts buried quickly and not get noticed.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t use anything less than 300k posted tags. When you start niching down then your content will be visible for longer…such as days or weeks over just hours!

3. Use Local Hashtags

There is more than one type of hashtag that you want to use to ensure you get the maximum reach and discovery. Be sure to create a library of the following categories of hashtags:

  • Searchable terms (content-related)
  • Geographic (city, state, general area – think big picture)
  • Location-based (restaurants, stores, local businesses)
  • Industry related
  • Photo related
  • Create your own (Mine are #ksrentrepreneurs, #ksragents, and #skinnydoesntgrowyourbusiness)

4. Make Lists

Now that you’ve done your research on what hashtags to use and have created your own personal hashtag, it’s time to make shortlists of these tags where you can access them easily.

I personally use PlannThat to create hashtag lists that are organized by each type of hashtag category that is listed above. Having shortlists saved in PlannThat makes it easy to add my hashtags to my content.

5. Use 30 On Each Post

Instagram gives you up to 30 hashtags on each post…so use them! The more hashtags you use, the larger reach you’ll receive. And isn’t that the name of this game?

Bonus Tip: Use 10 hashtags in your Instagram stories for even more reach.

5 Instagram Hashtag Tips – RECAP

  • Research on Instagram
  • Use hashtags between 100K-500K
  • Use a variety of different types of hashtags
  • Create shortlists of your hashtags
  • Use all 30 hashtags on every post

There you have it, friend. My 5 hashtag tips to help you optimize your post’s reach and connect with your target audience.

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