Right now, I bet you’re wondering how I can help you or why you should hire me specifically in the first place… 

Here’s why. 

I'm living proof that someone doesn't hire you because of how much you weigh or what you look like, but how you make them feel.

I've struggled my entire life with feeling confident until recently.  To my surprise, when I stopped trying to be like everyone else and just started showing up as my energetic, fun loving, goofy self I actually started to feel more confident.

The more I showed up, the more confident I became, and with that confidence came clarity on what my purpose really is.

I'm here to help you tap into that same power.

Photographer. Wife. Mother.
Lover of Empowering You to Take Action.

Meet the woman behind the camera... Kimberly

“After finding Kimberly on Pinterest, I saw that she offered high-quality branding images that are more unique and personalized compared to the standard headshot. And after going through a partnership change, I knew it was time to elevate my online marketing strategy. Even though I’ve never been comfortable with having my photo taken.

What I loved the most, besides being able to select my final images, was how well planned the entire process was. It left me feeling happy and excited when I received my final gallery!”

- Bethany B.

In the end, all I have to say is Kimberly is literally the bomb.com.

“I wanted to be visible to potential buyers & sellers online through being in front of people on social media in a positive, professional way is how that gets done. Kimberly greatly helped me outside of simply providing photos. She helps me create reels and brainstorm fun content ideas that suit my marketing! Kimberly is literally the 💣.com❗️She is so easy to work with and makes you feel comfortable during your photo shoot. Reach out to her to see how she can help you with your business!”

- Jessica H.

She is awesome and you need her in your life!

“Your business is professional yet thoughtful. You contribute so much knowledge but it's also delivered in a way that's fun, empowering, and strategic. You're literally the best of both worlds. I have FUN working with you and feel inspired/motivated when I leave. You also have the same values in business as I do, therefore I know that comes through in our final product. I truly believe this is your zone of genius.”

- Alexandra V.

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Don’t just take it from me...

"Nobody is you and that is your super power." - unknown

Quote To Live By:

Just about anywhere I can sit my bootie & unplug from the world...but is also on land.

Vacation Spot of Choice


Favorite Food

Movie & a pizza

Date-Night In

Going to yoga and shopping at local boutiques.

Weekend Outing


Coffee Order

Hot yoga, Taking my dogs for a walk

Favorite Hobbies

Fun Facts About Kimberly

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Ready to get started?

By fall of 2019 I officially launched the branding side of my business, really with no idea of what I was doing.  I just knew I had to make it work if I wanted to stop taking on weddings.

Pivoting from Indian weddings where you do little to zero marketing to helping others market their business was a real eye opener. I had A LOT to figure out.  I went through many business coaches and strategies before I figured out the type of business I wanted to run.

My goal was to gain clarity, niche down, scale, work less and finally check items off my to-do list consistently.

It took me over a year with many trials and errors to ‘get my $h!t together’.  But in the end I built a business that runs on ambition, balance, integrity, and most importantly personal courage.

After capturing weddings for nearly 18 years (10 year specializing in South Asian weddings) I wanted MY WEEKENDS BACK.  I had been wanting to tap into personal branding photography for a few years, but the breaking point was in Spring of 2019 when I missed over half of my son's baseball games.

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