Tampa Branding Coach and Photographer Providing Brand Building Strategies plus On-Brand Imagery for
Female Business Owners.

I'm Kimberly S Romano


How you ask? By teaching you how to create targeted, valuable and personable content PLUS having fun, creative and organized photo sessions. Both of these tools will equip you to attract your ideal client and find your voice online.

Let's work together to create a strategy that helps you consistently show up, stand apart from the rest and take your business to the next level.

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build your brand?

My goal is for you to stand out amongst the crowd online so you can build a brand filled with clients you love.

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I'm passionate about helping my clients show up as their true self to connect with their ideal client online.

Between creating valuable content and on-brand imagery to go with it, you'll have the tools you need separate yourself in, what seems like, an oversaturated market.

Want to know why? Because I help small business entrepreneurs like you, find your ideal client and voice on social media. 

I'm Kimberly...your new brand building best friend!  

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Shows others who you are, what you do, who you serve and why you do it.

Sets you apart from everybody else

Builds community 

Allows you to be true to who you are

Show others who you are, what you do, who you serve and why you do it.

Sets you apart from everybody else

Builds community 

Allow you to be true to who you are #skinnydoesntgrowyourbusiness

Here's what building a brand can do for you...

What to expect

Coaching Services 

1:1 Coaching that takes your brand to the next level with identifying your ideal client, creating your brand story and social media strategies so you can show up consistently and serve.


Branding Photography

Photography sessions for those that already have a strong brand and content strategy. Branding and Product photography are available.


Brand Building Blueprint 

My signature online course for those who want to find their ideal client and voice online.


Strategy Consult

1 hour call with Kimberly to talk about anything and everything you want related to growing your brand, increasing visibility and maximizing your brand presence!


"Working with Kimberly has been a game changer for my business!"

"She gave me tangible strategies along with beautiful content to connect with my audience on a deeper level. Just this week, I had a homebuyer reach out to me via DM's on Instagram and we put her under contract today! Her service will forever be a part of my business plan."

- Leah Herzwurm on Herzurm Homes

"Kimberly made me feel like her most important client all the way through the experience."

"To top all of that off her awareness of poses, scenery, and the camera are incredible. My images turned out so much better than I could have hoped! I highly highly recommend working with Kimberly. She is so much more than a photographer.... hands down the biggest asset I've had since starting my business 1 year ago."

- Christy Jones of The Edinburgh Fringe

"Brillant, creative, a godsend, and a huge part of bringing my blogger dreams to life!!"

"Going through the marketing experience with Kimberly has been the greatest thing for my business. In the coaching sessions, I learned a plethora of new and strategic methods to connect with my ideal audience, and how to show up on my social media platforms. The detailed marketing plan Kimberly created for me has been a tremendous help in how I plan content. Overall, I’m beyond happy with all of Kimberly’s coaching, and guidance, and I can’t wait for our next session together. Two words… HIRE HER!!!"

- Tina Romanik of The Romanik Life Blog

"Before working with Kimberly I was trying to do it all myself! Overwhelming myself with so many details of my business!"

"As soon as I met Kimberly I knew she was the one to help me brand my products and business! She understood my brand and what I was trying to accomplish! I knew I needed her. I am a branding specialist by trade but owning your own business you sometimes have a blind eye to what you need. Kimberly gave me new insight and elevated my branding to another level while staying true to who I am and what we are accomplishing. That is something you can’t put a price!! "

- Kat of Blush & Glow Beauty

"I had a baby two months prior to our photoshoot and felt nervous to have photos done, but Kimberly helped me feel confident in the skin I’m currently in."

"She helped with posing, and had a way to shift the energy through a coached deep breath or laughter. I cannot say enough about her as an artist, professional, and person! We were already planning our next session before our branding shoot was even over! Thank you Kimberly! Looking to working with you again soon!"

- Katie Reschny The Elm Massage

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