Hey brand photographer!

You already know that there is more to a successful business than taking pretty photos.  

However, most struggling photographers make the mistake of not running their business with intention or have the clarity needed to attract their ideal clients.

This leads to burnout, feeling overwhelmed and, in the end, will take longer to grow if you don't create a change in what you're currently doing.

maybe y0u're already there...

haven't seen any growth or engagement for at least 3 months


working long hours daily but never seem to shorten your to do list or feel accomplished


little to no inquiries
or are busy for 2 months then dead for 3 months


If you are experiencing any of the three below,
it's Time To Get Your              Together.

At Last! A way to live in work/life balance plus marketing your business to attract your ideal clients who are anxious to work with you. 


being booked out for months, even having a waiting list

feeling more accomplished each day without working late into the night

creating content quickly and easily that gets your ideal clients messaging you saying "I love your work and need to hire you!"

to crushin' it doin this...

opening up your email & not seeing inquiries for weeks or even months

feeling like you are scatterbrained, unorganized and can't finish tasks/projects

feeling frozen on what content to create which leads to either not showing up or only showcasing your work

just imagine going from...

Discover how to organize and market your personal brand photography business so that you can scale faster without losing your mind

Look no further, my creative friend

it's time to make an exit...

if you are...

Spending 4x's as much time in front of your computer as you are behind your camera...

Taking on jobs not aligned with your goals/dreams in fear of not having more jobs in the near future...

Struggling to convert the few inquiries received monthly into paying clients...

Suck at sales calls...

Working late into the night, missing out on time with family and friends...

Only posting your work/client's images (like literally you're hiding behind your camera)...

Spend HOURS creating content that feels salesy or receives little to no engagement so you feel like, what's the point...

Doubting your worth and your skill...

Living in fear of receiving a bad review so you don't even ask for one. Or feel to pushy if you ask more than once...

the burn out zone

you've entered

Once you know exactly how to market yourself online, it's easier to get started.  Getting started is the first step to gaining confidence.

more confidence

Working with your ideal client with an experience that leaves them raving will bring you more clients just like them.

consistent sales

Gaining clarity in your ideal clients struggles, needs and goals makes it so much easier to create content that speaks directly to them.

less guessing

Get more time back in your day. Check tasks and projects off your to do list. Work/life balance does exist if you have the right systems in place. 

stable process

once you get your          Together You Will experience the business you desire through






When you have intention and clarity, you get work/life balance and knowledge on what content to create to attract your ideal client.  If you only have these two, then you face opening your email to little or no inquires and question your self worth or skill.

If you have uniqueness and courage, you will receive repeat business and less stress when the wrong clients don't book.  But without intention and clarity, you'll feel less accomplished and confused or even frozen on what content to create.

I could literally go on and on but I think you get the point.  Let's move on shall we?

You need all 4 to build the photography business YOU desire.

but here's the thing...

After capturing weddings for nearly 18 years (10 year specializing in South Asian weddings) I wanted MY WEEKENDS BACK.  I had been wanting to tap into personal branding photography for a few years, but the breaking point was in Spring of 2019 when I missed over half of my son's baseball games. 
By fall of 2019 I officially launched the branding side of my business, really with no idea of what I was doing.  I just knew I had to make it work if I wanted to stop taking on weddings.

Pivoting from Indian weddings where you do little to zero marketing to helping others market their business was a real eye opener. I had A LOT to figure out.  I went through many business coaches and strategies before I figured out the type of business I wanted to run.

My goal was to gain clarity, niche down, scale, work less and finally check items off my to-do list consistently.

It took me over a year with many trials and errors to ‘get my $h!t together’.  But in the end I built a business that runs on ambition, balance, integrity, and most importantly personal courage.

I never forethought that I would mentor other photographers.  However, after a working 1:1 with a few pretty darn incredible photographers, I found a passion I never realized I had.

If you’re exhausted from busting your toosh, and working long hours all the while you feel like you’re getting nowhere, join me so we can end the madness and get you on the right path to reach your goals.  

Let me introduce myself...

so who am I to teach you how to get your $h!t together?

I'm Kimberly S Romano, Tampa Bay’s premier personal branding photographer luxury real estate agents and mentor for photographers looking to find balance and scale their business online.

hey there!

long story short...




+ How to set boundaries and communicate them with your clients.

+ How to organize your weeks to ensure you have time to not only take care of your clients, but work on tasks that actually grow your businesss.

+ Declaring your schedule back with time-blocking and how you can make it work for you

+ I'm going to show you exactly what I do to stay focused during working hours to take care of my clients in the time frame I promised delivery and stay on top of marketing, admin and more.

Unique Solution 1


+ How to niche down to your ideal client

+ Learning and understanding your ideal clients beliefs, struggles, consequences, the better way and benefit (I call it the belief system)

+ Defining the before and after working with you transformation to create your client promise

+ How to ask smart questions to get you the feedback from your clients you need to consistently drive your business forward

Unique Solution 1


Unique Solution 2

+ Curating a client experience that leaves them coming back for more and raving about you to others in their industry

+ How to create content that attracts your ideal client without sounding salesy

+ Creating an offer that fulfills your ideal client's needs, wants, and desires with an opt-in that leads to your offer

+ Defining your marketing tree

Unique Solution 1


Unique Solution 3

+ How to show up unapologetically you

+ When your content is right to post and when it's not

+ Dealing with rejection/being ghosted and what to do about it

+ What it takes to gain and build confidence in selling your services

Unique Solution 1

personal courage

Unique Solution 4

Here's What You'll Learn

let's dive in!

Special guests from industry experts to help you take what you learn in the program to the next level

All program materials & bonus material located online for you to access 24/7 so you can work at your own pace

Business solutions that are delivered in a no-nonsense, light hearted, fun, relaxed environment where you can feel free to be yourself 

6 - 90 video zoom calls that will be recorded so you can access them over and over.

Worksheets designed to help you practice and implement what is taught

Private FB Group to bounce ideas, receive feedback, get inspired, as questions, receive support from myself and other photographers just like you

and here's what to expect

- Michelle Davina Photography helping luxury realtors who offer a home buying experience & dream maker wedding professionals create a captivating presence to grow their audience.

"I had been completely lost and overwhelmed in how to translate my message in a consistent and relatable way on social media. I was posting very inconsistency and my message not always referred back to my services offers. That would make me 'freeze' and not show up online. It's been an 'on and off' experience showing up on social media which resulted in an 'on and off' client influx.

I've been watching Kim exceed on her marketing strategies and truly attract her tribe and grow her business. Plus as a fellow mompreneur, I know Kim has walked the walk and has perfected her systems. Also, who doesn't LOVE Kim's bubbly personality and big smile?

Kim gave me the confidence to start writing and showing up which is vital for my marketing and business goals. 

Kim is naturally talented in marketing. She has a clear system and is a great mentor. She is funny and working with her is easy! Plus, she is smart and talented at it. You can see she lights up for talking about it! That's passion that translates in excellence."

- Renata Lutz
Personal brand photographer for mompreneurs providing intentional and impactful imagery that will grow your business.

check out what some of my 1:1 students have to say

"I struggled with setting boundaries, understanding the problems I solve, what kind of offer I wanted to create, and making sure that everything i do needs to be related back to my offer(s). 

I was feeling stressed, obligated, even unsure or convinced at times of my skills or worth. I think I forgot the thought " I can create this business to be whatever I wanted".  I also wasn't sure if my client experience was up to par. I wasn't thorough in the targeting the problem or the negative thinking potential clients have so I can speak to the solution.

What I found the most impactful from working with Kimberly is learning how to set boundaries, the importance of speaking to my ideal clients problems and the solutions, re-evaluating my client experience and how to keep everything in my business simple and stop over thinking everything.

Kimberly is straight forward, and the program structure is through.  You brought insight in the foundation of running a successful personal branding photography business."

still on the fence?

During the program, I will select a recent session of mine and screen record my culling and editing process from beginning to end.

culling and editing

After years of crafting client emails, I'm sharing you the templates I use to send to my clients that save me hours each week.

email templates

I'm sharing my exact client workflow from new client inquiry to final gallery delivery and beyond.  With this workflow, you'll see exactly how many days are between each task and more.

Honeybook Client workflow

Let's talk bonuses!

of course there's more

expert guest speakers

I'm beyond excited to have 3 guest speakers who are experts in marketing your business on IG, brand aesthetics and website design to turn set yourself a part from every other brand photographer and turn up your conversion rates.

you already have found work/life balance

you have tools and systems in place so you're not wasting hours each week

you are attracting your ideal client consistently

you are booked out for months and months

Who this program is NOT for

now just so we are clear...


1 payment of


pay in full & save


6 easy payments of

choose this plan and receive extra support after the program is done through february*

payment plan

payments made from august 2022 - february 2023



1 payment of

join the waitlist, and receive the code to take advantage of the lowest price before the cart officially opens in Spring 2023


early bird special

Heck yes! this is exactly what i need!

ready to invest in YOUr business?

Early Bird enrollment will be in July 2022 and the cart officially opens in August 2022.  Be sure to join the waitlist for all the details, plus extra bonuses.

When can I sign up for gyst?

This course is created to provide you with a solid foundation of efficiently running a business and marketing strategies to attract your ideal client.  Whether you are a new or seasoned brand photographer, you can implement what you learn in this program.

I'm a new brand photographer, is this course right for me?

There are three different payment options.  The early bird special includes the largest discount and can only be accessed if you are on the wait list.  During the official open cart, you have the option to pay in full, or make 6 monthly payments.

is there a payment plan available?

While I highly encourage you to attend each live call to get the most out of this program, I totally get that life happens and you may miss a call.  No worries though, each call will be recorded and uploaded to an online platform where you can access them anytime.

What if I can't make the live calls?

Have Questions?
I've got answers

What support is provided during the program?

The program includes 6 - 90 minute live video zoom calls that will be recorded and uploaded to an online platform in real time for you to access 24/7.  We will also have continued support between the calls in our private FaceBook group.

GYST includes 6 - 90 minute calls total with 2 calls each month between September and November.

How long does the program last?

"One of my biggest struggles was around social media: how do I stand out? What should I post? What type of language should I use? I struggled to find my voice and create my own unique content.

This left me feeling frustrated, stressed and I had little to no confidence.

Because of this, I wasn't consistent on social media.  I didn't have a real plan or strategy in place which made it all seem more overwhelming.

I shied away from working with another photographer because I'll be honest, nearly all of the photographers I met were egotistical and judgmental. But, after working with several business coaches outside the photography industry, they couldn't help me with things like workflows and even their marketing tips were too broad.

From day one Kimberly came across as not only a wealth of knowledge but someone I could make stupid jokes with or geek out about stuff with. Plus it was clear she had her $h!t together and I was still struggling with systems and marketing.

While working together, Kimberly helped me get more organized and tweak my systems so they work better. She helped me find my voice, and more importantly, she helped me become more confident in my marketing and content creation. Kimberly also helped me become more organized so it is now fun rather than stressful and overwhelming. 

Most impact-fully, she helped me with boundaries, growth and goals.  I knew I needed all of these things, but she helped me create and stick to them.  How the heck did I manage before having all of this? Things run smoother now.

What I love most is that Kimberly helped me let go of the things that were holding me back."

- Teresa Hnat Studio
A Soulful Storyteller helping heart centered therapists STAND OUT with unique story driven imagery.

so that you can organize your business, run it on your own terms, get more time with family and friends, market to your ideal client through clear messaging and grow your business.

get your $h!t  together

don't miss this opportunity