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Knowing what makes you unique
Clarity on what content to create
Tools to save you time
Strategy to get discovered online
Understanding your ideal client better
Knowledge on how to create captions with ease

Don't have the resources for 1:1?  This online course is everything you learn in my 1:1 coaching program all wrapped up in format where you go at your own pace.

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I couldn't keep up with taking my own pictures. You contribute so much knowledge but it's also delivered in a way that's fun, empowering, and strategic. You're literally the best of both worlds. I have FUN working with you and feel inspired/motivated when I leave. I truly believe this is your zone of genius.


founder of
Coffee & Contracts

I tried to take some photos on my own but it was very time consuming and the quality was not what I would prefer. Having personal brand images has helped me to connect with our audience on a more personal level. It helps us to stand out and to make a connection. The professional quality of the images also helps to establish credibility and trust. 

GA Realtor

The photos are amazing. People are loving them, and they are bringing my marketing game to a new level. I would tell anyone how fun and down-to-earth Kimberly is to work with. I knew that before I spoke with her, and working with her proved I was right. 

And not sure if I do win this title, but I have to at least be one of the furthest traveling Realtors to work with Kimberly - so that right there tells you how awesome I think she is!


I literally love you! I hate being in front of the camera and was so hesitant to book a shoot. I saw the benefit of branding/putting yourself out there on other entrepreneurs’ social media accounts but was just scared to do it myself... until I found your account and decided to take a chance. The response in my business has already been amazing! I wish I would have found you sooner and can’t believe how my business has increased since I started sharing “myself” through your beautiful images. I can’t wait for our next photo shoot. This is 100% part of my business/marketing plan permanently. Thank you!


"Abel was basically an Instagram husband and I often had to use him to randomly take impromptu photos for branding. I've been thinking about using professional photos for a while but hadn't found someone I felt comfortable working with.Friendly, warm, inviting are words that come to mind when working with Kimberly. She had pre-planned areas, ideas, etc. so we didn't waste time bumbling around from place to place not knowing what we were doing. I knew I wanted professional branding photos, but I LOVEEEE the background stuff we have done to dig deep and tap into exactly what I want to portray.


Her business is everything I want from a partnership and more. I now know how to create a brand for any business venture I take on. My investment in Kimberly will continue to generate revenue for years to come.

Kimberly is so much fun to work with! More importantly, she gets the job done, holds you accountable for your part, and HELPS you create an identifiable brand unique to you. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed like I was, Call Kimberly! She'll help you identify your brand and help you find the people who are seeking you.


Kimberly is incredibly down to earth and easy to get along with. She is your ultimate cheerleader and will help you uncover what is so unique and special about yourself and your business.

I have had professional photos taken before, but never has anyone made it SO FUN. She really helped me narrow down the locations, what to wear, and I loved that we had strategy sessions before hand to make sure we got all the shots I was looking for. I totally saw my vision and helped me make it a reality through the pictures. I cannot wait to use them on my website and social media.


Kimberly, you are priceless. I am certainly not comfortable in my own skin, and that is something I need to get over. Your photos gave me that little nudge.If you are thinking about doing a personal branding session...Do it. You need it for you. Kimberly is not just a random photographer. She has a passion and a niche for bringing out authenticity in people. It is like a little piece of the lottery!