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Are you a real estate agent that keeps hearing about personal branding photography but you’re just not sure if it’s right for you?

It’s hard to make an investment into your business when you aren’t clear on the benefits it will bring you. In this blog post, I’m breaking down the benefits great branding images can do to scale your business and save you time.

Before we dive into the benefits, let’s make sure you know what personal branding photography is:

Personal Branding Photography visually showcases your service, value, style & uniqueness to set you apart from every other real estate agent.

Now that we have covered what personal branding photos are, let’s list out some of the benefits your business can experience when implementing these photos into your marketing plan:

Benefits of Personal Branding Photos:

  • Help you become a familiar face
  • Display a consistent look
  • Create credibility
  • Make connections
  • Build relationships
  • Convey your story
  • Set expectations
  • Strengthen your messaging
  • Inspire action
  • Build consistent brand awareness
  • Gain confidence
  • Create relatable content to connect with your ideal clients

And my personal favorite benefit – empower you to be unapologetically & authentically you

Looking for further proof? Here’s what one of my VIP clients, Haley Ingram (founder and creator of Coffee & Contracts) has to say about what personal branding photos have done for her business:

Discover the benefits that personal branding photos can do to help you scale your real estate business.  Click here to learn more!

How has having personal branding images helped you create content to help you grow your brand?

Having personal brand images has helped me to connect with our audience on a more personal level and has helped me to build a know, like, and trust factor. Rather than being a generic brand, our audience & members get to know the people behind the logo. The people who make up C&C are what makes it so unique & special — it is something that nobody can replicate!

How has using more personal branding images impacted your business?

When I create a post using personal branding images over generic stock images, that post always gets more engagements and reaches more people. It helps us to stand out and to make a connection. The professional quality of the images also helps to establish credibility and trust.

Discover the benefits that personal branding photos can do to help you scale your real estate business.  Click here to learn more!

What would you say to a friend who isn’t sure if personal branding is right for them?

Personal branding is right for anyone with a business in 2021. People buy from those that they know, like, and trust. One way to do this is to tell your brand’s story online through imagery — having professional, on-brand imagery works wonders for your online presence. In 2021, your online presence as a business is crucial!

Working with a professional personal branding photographer will not only save you time but can help you turn your followers into customers. Curious to know how? Check out this post to learn more:

How To Turn Followers Into Customers

There you have it, my friend! I’m curious now…are you ready to start incorporating personal branding photos into your marketing plan?

Bonus Tip

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