How to Look Better in Your Personal Branding Photos

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Everybody I have ever met (including myself) wants to look good in photos.  Since we are not professional models, it will take some preparation on your part to ensure you look your best in the images you want to use to promote your business.  But don’t fret my friend, you’re not in this alone!  

Today I’m sharing with you 9 ways to look better in your photos that have helped many other clients of mine, as well as, myself:

#1 Get it together!

This is number one for a reason…if you do only one of these tips (which I sincerely hope you do more than just one), this should be the one.  Having everything you need picked out and organized BEFORE your session will relieve a lot of stress come the day of your session.  You’ll feel more confident that you like your outfits and know you have all your props in tow.  Don’t hesitate to pack everything in a rolling suitcase either!

#2 Self-Care

The last thing you want during your shoot is to feel overwhelmed or stressed out about whatever is going on in your daily life.  It’s important that you make room for self-care in your daily routine, but especially before your session.  It doesn’t have to be much, just make sure you are taking care of yourself so you show up your best on a daily.  Specifically for your session, you can incorporate self-care by getting a blowout the morning of your shoot. 

#3 Mental Health Break

I know it’s hard to walk away from work and not get distracted by all the notifications going off.  I will encourage you to turn off your notifications during our time together so you can be completely focused.  Go the extra mile and don’t do anything work-related the morning of our session either. 😉

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#4 Do Your Body Good

I don’t know about you, but when I’m dehydrated my skin gets dry (especially my lips).  And when I eat like crap, I’m bloated.  So, do your body a favor and fuel it with plenty of water and good foods for days leading up to our session.  Let’s not carry around any unnecessary water weight!

#5 Wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts

The outfits you select are a key component to how much you like or dislike your images.  First, check your closet to see what you currently have that can work.  Then try it on.  ALL OF THEM.  Take your photo in them, or have someone take it for you.  Do you like how it looks?  Does it fit you properly?  These are big DO’S for selecting your wardrobe.  DON’TS are – go out and blow a bunch of money on clothes you wouldn’t normally wear.  Neither do you want to wear anything that doesn’t fit you properly.

#6 Hey Mr. DJ – Play That Song!

If there is one thing that can make a photo shoot a bit awkward….it’s dead air.  Music is powerful to get you into a grove, set the tone, and enjoy your session.  Don’t be afraid to bust a move while we shoot cause chances are I’m dancing and singing behind the camera too!

#7 Practice Builds Confidence

This may seem silly, BUT, pull up some Pinterest inspo and practice some of the poses in front of a mirror.  Don’t worry…nobody is watching!  Seeing yourself in poses you were inspired by will teach you what you like and don’t like.  Take it a step further and practice in the clothes you are looking to wear for our session!

#8 Do What Makes You Happy

I want you to bring the best energy possible to your session and what better way to create high energy than doing something you love?  Remember #3 where I mention not doing anything work-related the morning of our shoot?  If you pack up the night before; clear your calendar for the morning of, you’ve created space to do something you really enjoy.

#9 Mindset Shift

When we look at photos of ourselves, it’s easy to immediately see everything we don’t like about how we look.  The truth is, you are the only one who notices those small imperfections (that everyone has by the way).  I challenge you to find something about yourself in every photo you love.  Maybe your hair was rockin’ that day, or your makeup was on point.  Maybe it’s the great smile you have from all the fun we had or the fact you are not bloated from eating crap leading up to the shoot. Be kind to yourself.  When you start to love on yourself, your confidence will naturally increase.

There you have it. 

Save this so you can go back to it again and again anytime you feel like you need a little pep talk. 

Have questions?  Reach out, I’m here for you!

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