6 Things You Need to Know When Marketing Your Business

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Does the thought of marketing your business overwhelm you? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, deciding where and how to market your business can cause confusion and frustration and leave you wondering if all the time and effort you put into marketing your business is worth it.

Does this sound familiar?

No matter what platforms you decide to market your business on, there are some principles you can apply to any marketing strategy to give you the results you are looking for.

No matter how you choose to market, here are 6 things to attract the right client and grow your business authentically.

Market Your Business

  • Serve, serve, serve, then share an offer.
  • Create long-form content (such as a blog or podcast) and repurpose it on short-form platforms (like social media!) Seriously, this will save you so much time.
  • Write a compelling about me page that’s not all about you. (because it’s about what you do FOR THEM)
  • Define your brand promise and elevator pitch – then use it everywhere. Literally…everywhere…over and over. (pssst – your brand promise is what helps you provide a unique value in what you believe is an over-saturated market)
  • Share your client’s life transformation before and after working with you. (creates FOMO)
  • Engage, engage, engage!

Remember, you don’t have to use all marketing and/or social media platforms. Determine where your ideal clients are and begin there.

Of course, there is more to these 6 tips. They are nothing if you aren’t clear about your ideal client and your offer and have systems in place to run your business smoothly. Looking for help getting all these business things together? I’m here to help. Join the waitlist for my Get Your $h!t Together Brand Photographer Business Accelerator workshop coming Spring 2023.

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Social media is NOT the only place to market your business. Here are three alternatives that give you control (unlike social media platforms):

Client Experience

Create an experience that produces raving fans who share their experience of how amazing it is to work with you.


How would you stay in touch with your audience if social media went down today? With a newsletter, you have more control. To have a successful newsletter community, it’s vital that you serve, serve, serve your audience.


Here is where your potential new client will check to see if everything they’ve heard or seen about you is true. Validate your authority, share who you serve, and help your potential new client decide that you are the one they want to work with.

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Looking for more marketing tips?

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