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You’ve probably seen thousands of keep going on quotes floating around the internet. So what makes this different? This post is here to not only motivate you to keep going…but to show you HOW to keep going.

It’s not always easy to keep going on, especially during a workout program. As you get close to the end you become tired and think ‘I’ve done enough’.

Maybe you can’t do an exercise in the workout because of an injury. Shouldn’t you just quit then too? Quitting before the job is done won’t reach you to your goals. You know this, so you know it’s not an option. So, what do you do instead?


Let me share with you how this mindset shift happened to me during my least favorite workout.

It’s Day 40 – Cardio Core from my 80 Day Obsession work out. Cardio is my least favorite workout and this one particularly pushes me outside my comfort zone. If you’re not familiar with the program, Cardio Core is a combination of HIIT and core exercises.

In this workout, there are 2 core slider exercises I cannot do because of my back. (long story short…I had back surgery in 2007) If you are familiar with beach body workouts, then you know there is a modifier in each program. Even the modified version of these two core workouts hurt my back.

Since I physically can’t do them without further injuring myself, I can stop the workout right? I mean, I’ve done everything else, burned over 300 calories and I’m dripping in sweat.

As much as I’d like to just skip these two exercises and catch my breath, I know when the workout is done, I’ll be disappointed that I didn’t give it my best. Instead, I find another core exercise I can do that works the same muscles as the exercise on the program. My answer: crunches.

Here is a keep on going quote to show you that quitting only cheats yourself. Click here to read a different perspective you can take to keep you going.

While I was crunching as they were doing single-leg piking in planks on sliders and v-toe touches with bands, it got me thinking. Even though we were doing different exercises, both target your core muscles.

Remember, just because you can’t do the exact exercise doesn’t mean you quit working. Find another exercise that will target the same muscle group and do it.

When you quit, the only person you’re hurting is yourself. And friend, you’re too smart to let you be the only thing that stops you from getting to the finish line.

So, keep going on and crush your goals.

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