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If you are looking for a luxury skincare routine, then friend, Maison Glo is your monthly membership, go-to spot in St Pete, Florida. I’m excited to not only show you this chic, open concept location but introduce you to the owner, Amy, and her amazing team.

Maison Glo is a luxury skincare experience providing you with a chic, open concept design.  Click here to see their personal branding session!

Luxury Skincare Expert: Amy Drehsen

Amy is your confident and sassy leader bringing you monthly facials at a reasonable price point. She’s passionate about providing skincare to anyone who wants to take the guess work out of facials.

Amy’s open concept design for her studio was born out of creating a more social and less intimidating experience. Her goal is to make you feel like you’re in a cool trendy spot like LA or NYC.

When she’s not leading her team you’ll find she’s a loyal friend and very independent. She loves all things aesthetically pleasing, which she nails in her studio design. Amy also loves following trends but can’t get enough of the simplicity of classic style.

Maison Glo is a luxury skincare experience providing you with a chic, open concept design.  Click here to see their personal branding session!

Branding Strategy

Amy connected with me through Instagram letting me know her priority as a new studio owner was to have professional images of the studio for her website. Smart woman.

Our goal was to not only showcase her open concept space, but to also bring brand awareness and inspiration to her audience plus grow her community.

We started in Grand Central District of St Pete to grab modern, chic images of Amy & her team. Then we headed back to Maison Glo to finish out the shoot showcasing the studio, plus a few more images of her team in the environment.

One of my favorite things about Maison Glo’s design is the photo wall. It’s the perfect backdrop to show off your glowing skin after receiving a treatment.

Message from Amy of Maison Glo

“I saw what you did for other small businesses in the area, and knew we needed someone to help us get branded images. Your business is so organized we felt very prepared for our session together and, as a team, we felt energized and excited by the time it was over.”

“Kimberly is so talented, she understands your concept and is open-minded. She has a special eye for branded images.”

– Amy Dreshen – Owner/Creator of Maison Glo luxury skincare

Amy, you were totally worth the wait to schedule your session. Not only was I blown away by the chic design of your studio, but loved how you and your team worked the camera at every spot we stopped at. Thank you for trusting me with such an important piece of growing your business. Wishing you the very best and cannot wait for 1: to watch you grow and 2: for my own facial treatment. You will see me again very soon!

Tampa Branding Photographer

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A little behind the scenes from this fun branding session!

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