St Pete Realtor – Jay Heidel Personal Branding Photoshoot

Photography Inspiration

St Pete Realtor, Jay Heidel not only loves downtown St Petersburg, Florida, but he also specializes in helping buyers and sellers with all the gorgeous views this city has to offer. Especially from up high.

Since Jay focuses on the high rises of St Pete, it was a no brainer to hold his personal branding session to show off the beauty St Pete living can offer.

St Pete Realtor, Jay Heidel shows off gorgeous St Pete, Florida for his recent personal branding session.  Realtors, click here to get inspired.

Meet St Pete Realtor, Jay Heidel

Jay is your ambitious, friendly, imaginative, all-around good guy who takes a relaxed approach to all of your real estate needs.

Not only does Jay live and breathe all things St Pete (which makes him a perfect resource), but he’s a pretty darn talented artist. You can check out his work on his Instagram –

Brand Strategy

What impressed me the most about Jay when planning our session is focusing on keeping it simple and classic.

Our goal was to showcase Jay being himself so those looking to live downtown could make a genuine connection with him.

We set out to the Pier downtown for a few reasons. One, it gives you one of the best views of downtown St Pete. Two, it provides many different areas to shoot in for a variety of backgrounds. Three…it kept this personal branding photoshoot simple.

When it was all said and done, we accomplished creating images that will help Jay bring brand awareness to his audience. Convert visitors into customers through social media, his website plus mailings, and other print marketing material he uses.

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