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When Christy and I first started talking about her branding session she, like many entrepreneurs, had no idea what message she wanted to convey. As she put it, “The biggest issue I had was suffering from complete brand crisis!” So we worked together to find her voice and vision for this shoot. My favorite part is that she’s still using these strategies to continue working on her business.

If you haven’t been in her shop, let me tell you a little bit about it. This downtown Dunedin shop is a men and women’s boutique that carries introductory, moderate and designer clothing, accessories and gifts. She curated the shops collection to create a unique shopping experience for everyone that walked through the front door.

Let me just pause and say I adore this shop. I’m not just saying that because she’s my client. I’m also not saying that because of the instant friendship we created upon our first conversation. Or the fact I sincerely want her to succeed. I’m saying that because I’ve been in her shop multiple times as a customer. Each time walking out with a bag full of goodies. And not just for myself. My husband has one of her Mizzen & Main shirts and LOVES it. Literally wears it weekly.

Okay, back to this session. After many conversations, emails and pins added to her inspiration board, Christy felt confident going into our session together. On the day of her session, we had a blast capturing her perfectly curated inventory plus images for her KNOW Tribe magazine spread…which she totally rocked. Enjoy this sweet shop friends and make sure to stop by and say hello!

A word from Christy:

“Kimberly is incredible.  I really can’t say enough.  I wouldn’t say I was nervous going into my shoot.  I am fairly comfortable in front of a camera but Kimberly gave me every bit of info and reassurance I would need to be completely prepared so even the most nervous person could go into the shoot with confidence.  

The biggest issue I had was suffering from complete brand crisis!  I had no idea what I wanted my brand to be much less how I would convey that in a photo.  Kimberly suggested we have a shared Pinterest board where I saved anything that spoke to me… that was a major turning point.  It gave me so much clarity and direction in where I wanted my business to go as a brand.  I am still using that board to aid in developing my business.  

I highly highly recommend working with Kimberly.  She is so much more than a photographer…. hands down the biggest asset I’ve had since starting my business 1 year ago.”

Hair and Make Up provided by the fabulous: Femme Akoi in Dunedin

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