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Personal Branding Photoshoot with Tampa Bay stylist Jaime Diehl Style by KSRomano. Click here to see more!

After a move to Florida from Philly and leaving her successful career at Stitch Fix, Jaime wanted to announce the start up of her own business with a bang. She knew having a personal branding photoshoot would be the perfect way to share with her audience her big news.

“I want to announce to the world that I’m now here in Florida, ready to help others find a style that boost their confidence and helps them succeed in life.” she told me when I asked her what she wanted her personal branding session message to send.

To accomplish this, we held her session in downtown Dunedin and blasted some tunes to bring out her fun spirit. Jaime rocked her stylish wardrobe selections, fun dance moves and nailed the non-smile look.

Jaime’s motto is: Everyone deserves to look and feel good in the clothes they are in. No matter what your size, shape or budget. jaime diehl Style lives this mindset and helps her clients achieve loving how they look in clothing. How do I know? I follow her on Instagram and see her showing up for her audience consistently.

It’s exciting to see Jaime use these images on her website and all over her social media to connect and engage with her audience to grow her business. If you’re looking for a style tips, I highly recommend joining her newsletter and following her on Instagram!

Dunedin Photoshoot Locations:

The Fenway Hotel

Douglas Ave

The Edinburgh Fringe

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If you enjoyed Jaime’s branding session, I’d love for you to tell her about it in the comments below and pin on Pinterest! Thank you!

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  1. Jaime says:

    Love this and you!!!

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