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Tampa Real Estate Branding Photography with Tampa Photographer, Kimberly S Romano.  Click here for examples of real estate agents' branding photos.

Meet Tampa Real Estate Agent, Leah Herzwurm with Herzwurm Homes. Leah is a friendly, happy, thoughtful, and humble entrepreneur that is passionate about helping home buyers/sellers meet their real estate goals to begin the life they dream of.

Leah has exploded the industry by helping her clients purchase a new home during a fast-paced & competitive market by being transparent, knowledgable, and determined to meet her client’s goals. She has also assisted her clients to relocate to the home and location that dreams are made of with ease by being by their side every step of the way. Not to mention, she’s helped countless sellers sell their home for max value.

After setting the standard in the Tampa real estate market, growing her business to assist hundreds of buy/to sell a home, AND expanding her team to assist with demand, she quickly realized how little time she had to get the images she needed to connect consistently with her ideal clients.

With her skills in marketing and seeing real-life results from what marketing to your ideal clients can do for her business…ie. move the needle…she reached out to me to get her the images she needed to continue reaching her goals. This allows her to stay focused on her real estate passion.

After discussing her goals over lunch, we began planning her monthly subscription sessions to help her show up consistently and connect with her ideal clients. When you show up consistently and speak directly to your ideal client, everybody wins. Success doesn’t come from those that wait but for those that show up.

Showing up consistently while taking care of your clients can be one of the hardest parts of running a business. You don’t have to do it alone. Let’s work together to show up consistently and double your business.

Tampa Branding Photographer

How Can You Benefit From Personal Branding Photos?

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If you enjoyed Leah’s personal branding session, I’d love for you to tell her about it in the comments below and pin on Pinterest! Thank you!

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