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Are you looking for branding photo ideas specifically for hair salons? Look no further than a recent personal branding photoshoot with Catherine from Bronde & Mane salon.

Bronde & Mane Salon specializes in hair extensions for women who make time and enjoy taking care of themselves. The salon is curated to create a safe, comfortable, and homey experience while you are receiving service from one of their talented and experienced stylists.

For the photoshoot, we aimed to create images that showcase the extension process and result, team photos, showcasing products, and stock images of the salon.

Scroll through to get inspired and learn more about the Bronde & Mane salon!

Meet Catherine 

Owner and Lead Stylist, Wife, Mother, and Friend. 

She’s a committed sports momma to two beautiful children. While she’s obsessed with fitness and outdoor activities, time with her family is the most valuable to her.

Catherine’s Drive and Purpose 

“My purpose is to help women look and feel their best through hair extensions. To help them gain back their confidence. Hair plays a significant role in how women think of themselves on the outside. 

I love seeing clients’ immediate reactions when they see their hair do things they didn’t believe were possible. It’s an immediate confidence booster.

I want to cater to all women dealing with hair loss and women who never felt content with their hair’s density.”

The Bronde & Mane Experience

Here at Bronde & Mane, we’ve curated an experience where our clients feel relaxed and comfortable asking all the questions. We want them to feel confident caring for their new hair at home. 

Upon arriving, everyone is greeted and catered to the minute they enter the salon. 

Next, we go through a consultation with a drink in hand. It’s our goal to provide a princess-style treatment while both a stylist & co-stylist complete your transformation. We even order a healthy lunch during this 3-4 hour service. 

Then, each client is walked through their custom at-home hair care. Finally, they are sent home with a gift box, including hair extension essentials. They can also refer to a printed pdf on caring for their new mane.

What makes Bronde & Mane unique

Our salon specializes in hair extensions, which means we do it all day. We are experts in what we do. 

Education is a top priority to bring you the best results no matter which stylist’s chair you sit in. And we are constantly taking action to create a better client experience. 

At Bronde and Mane, you’ll receive more than just a hair service. You will experience feeling pampered, heard, understood, and as though you are right where you belong.

From Catherine

“All around, Kimberly is great! I love the structure of her business and the step-by-step guidance leading up to and after the session.

If you’ve been on the fence about a personal branding photoshoot, my advice is DO IT! Kimberly makes you feel comfortable and knows what she’s doing behind the camera and taking a business to the next level.

You’ll receive more than just a gallery of pretty photos, you’ll feel inspired to take action in your business that leads you to growth.”

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