Imposter Syndrome – Good or Bad?

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Spoiler alert: Imposter syndrome will never completely stop coming up for you as an entrepreneur. It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others and even talk down to ourselves. 

And it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Nearly every entrepreneur I’ve contacted has shared they have experienced imposter syndrome. For them and me, it typically pops up while we’re scrolling social media.

These are some of the thoughts we have:

“I’m not as good as they are.”

“Why would anyone want to work with me?”

“Who am I to do this?”

“I’m a fraud.”

“I’m not as good as they are and never will be.”

If this resonates with you, these thoughts might have made you feel inadequate or unworthy. Perhaps you’ve even thought about quitting, or maybe it makes you freeze.

And if you have, I’m willing to bet these thoughts have held you back from taking action in your business. 

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

But what if I told you that imposter syndrome is a good thing? Can it be a valuable tool in your business and personal life?

After nearly 18 years of photographing weddings and never really “making it,” imposter syndrome was practically my roommate.

Then, in 2019, I pivoted away from weddings to personal branding. It was clear that if I wanted to be more successful than I was with weddings, I needed to take a completely different approach to everything, including my mindset.

Instead of getting caught up in all the quotes you read above (and more), I realized that my energy, ideas, and actions were based on fear.

But I began to realize that, deep down, I was just worried that I couldn’t fully serve those I wanted to help. 

This one small discovery about myself completely changed the game. It gave me a different perspective when imposter syndrome comes to me.

A different perspective leads to new actions and new results. 

Below, you will see exactly what I do when imposter syndrome creeps up so that you can break the cycle of feeling inadequate or unworthy…or worse, the desire to quit.

Step 1: Change the meaning

First and foremost, you can’t be an imposter because there is only one you walking around on this planet.

You will never copy someone else if you genuinely do things your way by incorporating your beliefs, values, and purpose. To ensure you are on the right path for genuinely doing things your way, go into Step 2.

Step 2: Ask yourself these questions

What are my beliefs?

What do I value?

Who do I serve?

What do they need that I can give them?

Is that something I have mastered?

What lesson do I need to learn here?

Step 3: Get to work

By genuinely answering the questions in Step 2, you will better understand what and where needs your attention. Then, you get to work. Determine if the actions you are currently making are aligned with your beliefs, values, and more profound purpose.

If the answer is yes, then keep working.

If you feel something is off, revisit Step 2.

No matter the answers (and by the way, there are no wrong answers), they will guide you to what you need to do next to keep growing.

Sometimes, that looks like more practice and implementation of the process you want to teach more in your own life so you can master it. So do that.

When you walk through these three steps anytime, imposter syndrome creeps up for you; you’ll recover faster and start taking action instead of feeling frozen in your tracks.

Bonus Tip:

Slow down, find a quiet space to sit, and visualize. Think about who you want to be and the life you want to have. 

Seriously, I’m permitting you to daydream here. Tap into your inner child and visualize with no limit.

Now, write it all down. Follow these steps anytime imposter syndrome arises, and watch how quickly you can recover and move forward.

Your daydream is waiting for you. All you have to do is start taking action.

What can you start doing today to become the version of you that already has everything you desire?

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