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As photographers, where to market your business may seem obvious on the surface. Social media, websites, networking events, and print ads. Do those still really even exist? Even online ads might be crossing your mind, just to name a few.

And these platforms are great ways to market your business and should be considered as options when creating your marketing strategy. What you might not be thinking about are deeper marketing levels.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this crazy journey we call being an entrepreneur, it’s this:

“To get to a higher level, you have to dig deeper.”

But what does digging deeper really mean?

Market Your Photography Business with these 4 ways you may not view as marketing

No. 1 – Share the experience 

I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t invest in a new vehicle without doing a test drive first. Am I right?

When you share the experience, you provide your clients with a test drive for them to determine if you are the best fit for their photography/marketing needs. Showcasing behind the scenes of your photoshoots, your work behind the desk, and getting your gear ready to go. These are just a few examples of how your client can imagine working with you.

Psssst…showing bts of a photoshoot paired up with fully edited images from the session is my number 1 converting content. And it’s easy to do if you make the time for it and include setting it up as a part of your routine.

No. 2 – Create raving fans 

It’s more than just a good end product that creates raving fans. The entire experience does.

No matter how long you’ve been serving clients, I encourage you to go through your experience and see where anything can be adjusted. From inquiry to final gallery delivery and beyond, each moment of the experience your client receives should be intentional.

Marketing Your Business

No. 3 – Develop a referral program

This ties into No 2. Creating a client experience that produces raving fans will leave your raving fans raving about you!

You will have them telling everyone they know about their experience with you. Chances are, someone they talk to will end up hiring you. Show appreciation to your raving fan. It could be monetary or not, do what feels right for you.

No. 4 – Engage

Have you ever heard the phrase “people don’t buy the service, they buy you”?

It’s tough to get to know someone who is shy from a conversation or is never visible. Whether it’s online or at an in-person event, genuinely listen and respond to others. Have non-business-related conversations. Encourage another. Share what another created if it inspires you. Let people know that you are here.

As business owners, we can get so caught up in the never-ending marketing circle. We often look at what others in our industry are doing. It’s working for them, so why not for you, right?

Doing this is pretty much the same thing as running around in the dark. You have no idea what you’re doing, and you can’t see where you need to go. Can you relate?

Those that have dug deep into the following areas of their business have a clear image of how to market their business:

  • Who their ideal client is
  • Understanding their ideal clients’ struggles, goals, and the reality they live in because of it
  • Created unforgettable offer that solves their ideal client’s problems
  • Executes a high-end, white-glove client experience

Working on setting your business up intentionally before diving into marketing is vital. This will help clarify who you serve and what problem you solve.

Remember, people buy because of how you made them feel, and they are clear that you have a solution to their problem.

If these marketing strategies gave you some aha moments, but you’re still feeling stuck on implementing them, I invite you to learn more about the GYST program – aka – Get Your $h!t Together.

This program was designed specifically for photographers looking for more clients and work/life balance.


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