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Are you looking for faster growth? It wasn’t until I niched down my brand photography business that I began to see consistent growth that happened faster than I could have ever imagined. In this post, I’m sharing what worked, what went wrong, and how niching my business was the key to my business growth.

The Decision To Pivot From Weddings To Personal Branding

In the spring of 2019, I missed over half of my son’s baseball games. That’s the season I knew it was time to stop thinking about it and actually pivot my business.

But how do you go about actually pivoting a business that required zero marketing (hello Indian Weddings) to a photography business that was all about marketing? Insert the decision to niche down my business to target one market (the same way I did with Indian weddings) and start talking about it online.

Why Niching Your Business Can Help You Grow Faster

Have you heard the phrase, “When you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody?”

Imagine that you’re up on stage at a conference, and you have a huge mix of people in a crowd. If you stick to general ideas that aren’t industry-specific, chances are that people won’t come up to speak with you afterward. Much less buy anything from you.

But, if you spoke in front of a large audience we’re all in the same industry sharing your message. In the end, you would have people interested, inquiring, and buying.

After speaking to the masses, I decided to niche down in my photography business because it was so much easier to create offers and content directed toward one person.

Niching down to an ideal industry can take a lot of pressure and stress away. Plus it can help you simplify your systems. This way, you don’t have to have separate workflows for each product, service, or industry that you provide services to.

How I Niched Down

The first thing I did, and I encourage you to do, evaluate your passion and your interest. For me, I knew I wanted to help entrepreneurs build their businesses online by standing out amongst the rest in their industry. Going with a personal experience, I chose to target health coaches.

Next, you want to evaluate the market. Determine if there is a demand for the service/offer you want to provide within that industry. What problem can you solve that nobody else is solving for them? Or are other people solving a problem for them, but you have a different way of being able to help them?

Once you have those questions answered, the next step is testing out your offer. Since changes are you won’t get it 100% on point the first go around, don’t hesitate or fear making changes.

I struggled in the beginning. The more health coaches I spoke with, the more I realized their goals and priorities didn’t align with the message I wanted my business to stand for.

To keep the business going, I decided to work with anyone and everyone I could. Within a few months, I had a huge mix of clients. Friends, this was exhausting and made me realize if I didn’t want to experience burnout in the first year – I needed to niche down to one ideal client.

How Niching Down Impacted My Business

Going through that experience helped me know exactly who I wanted to serve, and how to create an offer, experience, and content to attract luxury real estate agents without effort.

I took the leap at the end of 2020, and completely niched down all of my content and copy on my website to speak to luxury real estate agents. This is when my personal branding photography business went from slow growth to rapid growth.

One of the biggest benefits of niching down my business is just how much simpler it made running my business. That alone is worth its weight in gold!

The Bottom Line To Growing Your Business Faster

You just have to get started…give it a shot. In other words, don’t wait until you have it all 100% figured out. Try what you think and see what happens. The experience of executing your plan will teach you what works and what you need to adjust. The sooner you jump in the closer you are to faster growth. In the end, you are the only one that’s holding you back.

I hope this helps you really evaluate where you are with your business. I encourage you to try things and make mistakes! It will only lead to lessons that you can apply to the next stage.

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