How To Create Work-Life Balance In Your Photography Business

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After finding a work-life balance as a photography business owner, it’s true what they say. Success leaves clues. And once I reflected on that success, if I had to narrow it down to one single thing that created a work-life balance, the answer is clear. And I’m pretty sure it’s not what you would think.

In fact, I know this one thing to be true because my previous multiple attempts at finding a work-life balance completely failed.

So what is this one thing?


Setting priorities is your first step to creating a work-life balance, which will keep you from experiencing burnout. Maybe you’re already there.

If you’re craving more work-life balance in your photography business so you can show up your best in all areas of your life, follow these 5 steps:

Determine your priorities

What is the most important thing or people to you? Take some time to think about your top 3-5 priorities. They can be family time, self-care/health, your business, etc. The first step to creating a work-life balance is to know what is essential to you. (there is no right or wrong answer here!)

Set boundaries around your priorities

Now that you’ve determined your priorities, it’s time to set boundaries to create space for your priorities. For example, if having a sit-down dinner with your family is a priority, then you can set a time boundary of when you stop working each day to ensure you’re giving your time and attention to your family in the evenings.

Create workflows and automation

If there is any task you find yourself repeatedly doing, it’s time to set it up on automation. Workflows can also help you stay on track to ensure you provide your clients with the experience they expect.

Schedule breaks

How often do you sit down to edit a session, and before you know it, the day has passed you by? I mean, did you even get up to grab something to eat, much less go to the bathroom? It’s important to schedule breaks during your work day. Even if it’s to walk outside and grab your mail. Not only will your body thank you for the movement, but your mind will too.

Bonus tip – I personally use timers to ensure I get up and move around. If I don’t use timers, I completely lose track of time, and hours will go by without any breaks.

Outsource what doesn’t bring you joy

I know you’ve heard this one, and you’re probably saying, “but I don’t have the money to outsource anything!”. Or, “but I can do it, so I should do it.”. Do either of these feel familiar?

But the question really is, how much is it costing you to do all the tasks in your business? Every task takes time, and time is money. If you devote your attention to tasks that don’t make you money, you aren’t working on tasks that bring in money. 

Knowing how long each task in your business takes you and what that task is worth is essential. Chances are, you have many tasks in your business that would cost less to outsource to a VA or specialist than to do the work yourself.

I know that you know you are capable of creating a business you not only love but that gives you freedom. Whatever that may look like to you. You ARE capable of creating and thriving in this business you desire. And you don’t have to figure this out all on your own.

That’s why I created the Get Your $h!t Together program designed for photographers looking to build a thriving brand photography business and obtain a work/life balance.

Visit the Get Your $h!t Together page to learn more about the program, who it’s for, and hear what other photographers have to say after completing it.

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