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Rene Jones, a self-care coach, recently reached out to me about her interest in a personal branding photoshoot. She was in the process of updating her website and needed fresh, modern images.

After chatting and what immediately felt like old friends catching up, I learned that Rene was put on this earth to make a difference in people’s lives with health and wellness. Because she had been there and understood the journey to reclaim the life you want and find JOY no matter the circumstances.

Immediately, we got to work on planning and strategizing her upcoming photoshoot. Not only was it important to discuss all the logistics, such as location, timing, outfits, and props. But we really dove into her deeper purpose.

After watching Rene take the time to really dig into her bigger why, I could hear a shift in her voice on our calls. And even through our emails.

She was more confident. Had more clarity and knew exactly what she wanted out of her photoshoot.

This my friends is the real behind-the-scenes work that it takes to create a successful photoshoot.

I’m excited to share some of my favorites from her session and also give you a chance to learn more about Rene. Maybe she’s just who you need in your life to find more joy.

Meet self-care coach, Rene Jones

Hi! I’m Rene Jones. A provider of self-care coaching by creating a template of success to help women who are going through life changes. We do this by utilizing a variety of tools with a focus on mending the heart using holistic health solutions.

self care coach modern headshot

Rene shares:

“I’m very passionate about keeping myself in optimal balance with healthy activities I enjoy…gentle yoga, home workouts, and the gym for working out are my happy place. Along with nature walks, candlelight spa baths, crystal bowl sounding, learning new meditation techniques, reading self-improvement/personal growth books, reiki shares, dinner with girlfriends, downtown trendy restaurants & spending time with my son.

I love a good cup of coffee and/or latte with almond or oat milk. And will often unwind at night with a glass of wine.

Always growing myself spiritually with reading, watching my favorite spiritual teachers’ videos, or getting on a Zoom call being offered by Beyond The Ordinary.”

What self-care coaching looks like with Rene

Wellness is made simple for high-net-worth clients. Rene offers self-care coaching for those seeking a new identity. Often looking for liberation in being single if going through break up or divorce.

Along with health and wellness products using a gentle approach and coming from a place of experience and strength.

I may be biased, but personally, I believe Rene slayed it and then some on her personal branding photoshoot. Our time together was filled with joy, laughter, creative ideas, and nothing but good vibes the whole way through.

Get in touch with Rene and see her new images in action!

Website – Rebalance with Rene – Wellness Coaching reimagined

Instagram – @rebalancewithrene

Facebook – Rebalance with Rene

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