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Have you ever wondered what to wear to your personal branding photoshoot?

“What do I wear?” is one of the most common questions I’m asked by clients. And not only is it a valid concern but something that should be a top priority when planning and preparing for your next photoshoot.

Here’s why:

You could have the perfect location, spot-on hair and makeup, and an incredible professional photographer behind the camera. Your new images could be technically perfect (exposure, focus, composition, etc.). But, I’m willing to bet you won’t like the photo if you don’t like what you’re wearing.  

And, if you don’t like the photo, you won’t use it in your marketing strategy.

Now, imagine what it would feel like to receive your new gallery, filled with on-brand images, where you love how you look. 

When you truly love everything about your new images, how much impact can you make on the world by utilizing them?

The answer – A LOT

That’s the power of personal branding images and what you can experience. If you are ready, here’s how you make it happen:

Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

No. 1 – Ask Yourself Smart Questions

Having clarity on a few specific items makes deciding what to wear so much easier to figure out. Ask yourself (and answer) these questions:

  1. What is my deeper purpose for my business?
  2. What describes my personality?
  3. What is it that I really do for others?
  4. How can I represent who I am through clothing?

Understanding the answers to these 4 items will bring clarity on how you want to be represented through your clothing. Which, makes it much easier to find and put together outfits you’ll love in your next photoshoot!

No. 2 – Discover Your Body

I’ve never come across a human that doesn’t have something about their body they don’t like. And chances are, these areas of your body are the first thing you see when you look at a photo of yourself. 

If this is you, don’t be ashamed! It’s not your fault, and I’m just as ‘guilty’ of it as you are.

What do you love and not love about your body? How can you highlight what you do love? How can you conceal what you don’t love?

Be sure to communicate both of these to your photographer. This small communication can make a big difference in your end result.

Remember, your eyes will automatically go to what bothers you the most about your body. But only you will do that.

No. 3 – Discover

The internet is filled with style guides and gurus, with tons of advice on putting outfits together for all different body types.

Pinterest is your friend when finding these stylists or outfit inspo in general. Remember to look for inspo and advice that matches your body type to set realistic expectations.

But, if you prefer to spend less time researching (hello rabbit hole!), grab The Ultimate Wardrobe Guide for tips, hacks, and inspiration!

No. 4 – Shop Your Closet First

Are you ready to save both time and money? Chances are, you already have everything you need for your upcoming personal branding photoshoot right in your closet.

Start there, then create a list of missing pieces to complete your look or need updated/replaced.

No. 5 – Try Everything On

I cannot say this loud enough or often enough. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve worn it. TRY IT ON!

And I’m talking about the full monty. Your shoes, accessories, and even how you would wear your hair with the outfit. 


No. 6 – Take Photos

As you execute No. 5, take a full-length photo of each outfit. Whether you do a mirror selfie, use a tripod and timer, or have a friend take it for you doesn’t matter.

Looking at yourself, in an outfit, through the mirror, and through a photo can give you a different perspective. 

Take it a step further and try standing and sitting poses to see how your outfit looks both ways since chances are you’ll do both in each outfit at your session!

No. 7 – Understand the Outfits’ Limitations

Outfit limitations?? Say what? Yes, outfits can limit what poses you can do.

For example – pleated pants. They are coming back in style, and they look fabulous!


But have you ever looked down when you sit in pleated pants? The extra pleats and fabric literally create a little bubble and extra volume exactly where you don’t want it.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear pleated pants to your next photoshoot. But if you do, avoid sitting where your hips can be seen!

No. 8 – One Last Smart Question

Once you select your outfits, there’s one more smart question to ask yourself.

What is the goal for each outfit?

When each outfit can align with your brand message and mission and truly represent who you are as a human being, then you know you’ve got a winner!

Bonus Tips

Send your photographer the photos you take and ask for their feedback.

Make a night (or day) of it! Ask your bestie to come over, help you select, take photos, and provide feedback. Chances are you’ll have more fun!

Looking for more business growth tips?

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