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Ahhhh, spring cleaning. This might make you think of what needs a good scrub or even what you can donate or toss out to create more space around your home. But, have you ever done a spring cleaning for your business?

I’m sharing with you what my own business spring cleaning looks like to keep my marketing fresh and avoid audience boredom. The best part is you can even download this checklist to keep handy and ensure you don’t miss a single item!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Spring Cleaning for your Marketing

No. 1 – Update Your Profile Photos

When was the last time you updated your profile photos? Take a few minutes to look at ALL the platforms you use and see what photo you’re using to represent yourself. Most of the time, your profile photo is the first impression you can make. Be sure that it’s an updated photo that represents what you look like if you were to meet someone in real life. The best profile photos are where you’re looking and smiling directly at the camera.

No. 2 – Refresh Your Social Media Bios

Do your social media bios still align with your ideal client and your offerings? Make sure you have specific keywords so that your audience knows exactly who you serve and how you help them. Remember, clarity over being cute and creative will serve you (and your audience) well here.

No. 3 – Review Your Website

Just like your social media bios, your website should clearly share who you serve and how you serve them.  Take it further and point out specific pain points your ideal clients are experiencing. Ensure all links work properly and the photos are up to date. Be sure to go through every page of your site and ensure your copy is aligned and updated, your links work properly, and your images showcase who you are and the client experience you provide.

No. 4 – Unfollow Those That Don’t Inspire You

It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game on social media. While you don’t have control over what others post, you do have control over what you absorb. Remove any accounts that don’t inspire you.

Marketing Spring Cleaning Checklist

No. 5 – Update Your Email Signature

This is an easy one! Just like your profile photos on social, your email signature should contain an updated image of your gorgeous face. Change up the information and text so that you have to provide your email audience with something new to check out. Oh, and ensure any contact information or links are up to date and working properly!

No. 6 – Revisit Time Blocks and Automation

You may be wondering what the heck do these internal processes have to do with marketing. The answer – EVERYTHING. How you execute your client experience is how you create raving fans that keep coming back for more. Marketing doesn’t stop once you onboard a client. It just looks a little different!

No. 7 – Update Graphics for Social Media

Templates can save you an insane amount of time and are a great tool for staying consistent on social media. But unless you are refreshing your graphics a few times a year (at least), your audience can become visually bored. Make the most of utilizing graphic templates and update them throughout the year.

No. 8 – Review Your Marketing Strategy

Let’s stop reinventing the wheel every time we create content for our marketing strategy. Chances are, you’ve already created content that performed well. Checking your insights will help you see what your audience is resonating with. Take that content and repurpose it into your marketing strategy. Then see what else your insights are telling you about your audience and make shifts as needed to keep your marketing strategy growing.


Something to remember when it comes to marketing YOUR business. There is no one-size-fits-all or set-it-and-forget process. It takes trial and error to learn what does well, and what can be put out with the trash.

This Spring Cleaning for your Marketing checklist is here to ensure you don’t overlook any areas within your marketing that could use a fresh update. Download a free copy of this checklist by CLICKING HERE and set a reminder to do this at least 1-3 times per year!

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