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Wondering what props to use at your next personal branding photoshoot?

Props can play a vital role in helping to communicate your message through still photography. As long as each one included is intentional.

Here, you’ll learn the benefits of using props, and see examples of props in action. Plus, you’ll see a prop list to help inspire ideas for your next photoshoot!

Prop Benefits

First, let’s dive into the different benefits props can bring to your next photoshoot.

Props can help you –

  • Create on-brand stock images
  • Showcase your profession
  • Allow you to express your personality
  • Create a connection through hobbies and your favorite things (relatability)
  • Celebrate your favorite holidays, events or special occasions

It is essential to select images representing who you are, your brand, and what it stands for.

Prop Examples In Action

Below you will see how prop selections can help you visually share who you are, what you do, what your business stands for, and so much more.

You know…like giving you something to do with your hands. 😉

Show who you are and what you do

Express your personality and your favorite things

Create on-brand stock images

Celebration & Holidays

Prop List

The following items are props my clients (even me too!) have used at their personal branding
photoshoots! Of course, these items are tailored to their profession, personality, and marketing

Be sure to chat with your photographer about what props will help enhance your next

• Branded Items
• Your favorite foods/drinks
• Mugs/cups
• Tools you use in your business (laptop/phone/rider signs/camera/diagrams/etc.)
• Items that showcase your client experience and what to expect when working with you
• Notebooks/journals (bring pretty pens!)
• Books
• Planners
• Client printouts or deliverables
• Your pet (give me all the doggies!!)
• Confetti (or other celebratory items)
• Flowers and/or plants
• Bubbles
• Headphones/blue tooth speakers
• Hats/sunglasses
• Purse or workbag
• Rugs/blankets
• Desktop items (great way to make a desk scene more personalized)

Then you have larger props that should be incorporated depending on your photoshoot location.
Items such as:

• Chairs
• Stools
• Bench
• Couch
• Tables
• Desk
• Backdrops

While most photoshoot locations will have these items (and more), don’t hesitate to bring in on-
brand items to help make your images unique!

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that YOU are the focus of your personal branding
photoshoot. It’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole of collecting props.

Keep the focus on your end goal for the images and how you intend to utilize them in your
marketing strategy.

Are you looking for more personal branding tips?

Check out the following photoshoots and articles to help you make the most of your next personal branding photoshoot!

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