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Are you looking for personal branding photoshoot inspiration for your next photoshoot?

I’m excited to share a recent session with real estate agent Laura Bush. Laura is one of my subscription clients who loves to have a mix of images focused on her looking at the camera and a variety of images that don’t.

You might think, “Wait…aren’t all personal branding images supposed to be focused on my face?” 

While having images of your face smiling at the camera is vital to building a personal brand online…having ALL of your images this way can become visually boring for your audience.

There are more benefits, but before I share them with you, here’s what Laura has to say about the whole thing:

It’s all in the details! Quality brand elements create the best 1st impression with potential clients, and I really wanted to highlight some of those extra touches that you can expect when working with me.”

Laura Bush

Here are 4 benefits you can tap into when you incorporate more photojournalistic images into your branding photoshoot strategy:

  1. Show and bring attention to a specific detail
  2. Create more variety in your marketing and content
  3. Prevent visual boredom 
  4. Use them as a background image when you want the focus to be on your content

See it in action here.

Branding Photoshoot Inspiration

realtor photoshoot
lifestyle branding photoshoot
realtor personal branding photoshoot

Rider signs, key chain,s and custom plant sticks created and provided by His & Her’s Workshop.

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